Status : Online!

Raj143 : Hi!

Nandi.21 : Hello!

Raj143 : Hw r u…?

Nandi.21 : Very good! HBU?

Raj143 : Fine!!! ”

This was a yahoo messenger’s chat window, which I have downloaded recently and installed, as facebook and orkut are banned in my office and it is very boring to work in hotel industry, especially in night shift, when there are no guests, no any special work to do. You need to do something so that you can kill the time and it was my way to kill the time. She continued:-

Nandi.21 : ASL..?….plz”

This is the question; your upcoming conversation depends upon, when you are chatting online.

Raj143 : 22/m…. n u?

Nandi.21 : 22/f here…!

Raj143 : where r u from?

Nandi.21 : I am from Mum! N u?

Raj143 : Hyd!!

Raj143 : Hey! May I know ur real name?

Nandi.21 : why did you ask for a real name? huh?

Raj143 : Coz, there r so many fake ppl on Yahoo! You know.

Nandi.21 : yup! I know but I am not a fake. My name is Nandini!

Raj143 : Wow! A cute name!

Nandi.21 : thankx! ^_^”

Although it was not that cute, but you have to say sometimes to appreciate people. Anyways, girls always love to hear good things about them.

Nandi.21 : Hey! Whats ur name?

Raj143 : Yeah! I am Raj!! Naam to suna hi hoga! N of course its not fake.

Nandi.21 : hehehehe!! Yeah, a famous name!”

Now, she was consoling me.

Raj143 : I know…

Raj143 : So, Nandini! What do you do?

I used her name for the first time.

Nandi.21 : I study. I am a student of B.Tech Mechanical.”

Every second youngster is an engineer in India. I wanted to type but didn’t. Next message flashed on the screen:-

Nandi.21 : What are you doing?

Raj143 : I am in my office. I study and work both.

Nandi.21 : Hey! Its 01:00 am! Which office is open at this time?

Raj143 : I work for a BPO and it works 24 hrs.”

I completely lied to her, coz I hate my job.

  • Photo credit : Internet
  • Written by : Rahul Kumar Singh