One fine evening, me and my other 3 friends were having a hot discussion over some  random topic with a cup of hot tea in our hands and just at the moment it was about to turn into an argument one of them said “Chill Bro!” and everyone fell silent for a couple of minute. This word was like a show stopper for that day and it remained somewhere in my mind. So here it is, Chill Bro’s Corner, name of my first blog ever.

This is what UrbanDictionary says about ChillBro!


As of now, I really am not sure what I am going to do with this blog or what the future of this 3GB free space provided by wordpress out of 26% of the total internet would be. It’s like a drop in the ocean. However, it would be the collection of :- creative articles, short stories, personal poems (maybe someone other’s too ;p), real life experiences, random pics & much more. With the passes of time it might convert into something I have absolutely no idea of. So let’s hope for the best and come join me in this virtual journey!

I believe in the philosophy that no work in this world is a sole effort. Hence, I will be opening a tab for you guys “The readers” where you can publish your creativity (articles, short stories, poems, real life experiences, random pics etc) with your own name apart from comment section on every post. This tab can be used to communicate with each other as well.

ChillBro (the person behind this khurafaat i.e. me) is a working professional by profession and a writer, thinker, poet by heart. He is not someone special to be talked about, just a guy next door. This blog is kind of self discovery for him. Wish him luck!

Thank you!


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