The guy with the messy hair.

I saw this guy on the tea stall while I was having tea with couple of my other friends. 12 13 years of age. Lean. Old cloths. Messy hair. Face with lil dirt on it. Still confident. Smiling. Ofcourse hungry. “Bhaiya samosa dena” – said the guy. “Kitne?” This was another guy on the other side of the huge stove on which there was a “kadhai” with boiling dalda oil in it where the samosas were taking plunge into.
The guy with the messy hair pulls out a crumbled 10 rupees note, unfolds it, hands it over to the guy on the other side. “jitne ajayen de do”. The guy on the other side pulls this stainless steel plate, puts one samosa on it, pours some green chutney, hands it over to the guy with the messy hair. He starts to eat it with quite ease and comfort. Calm. No hurry. Nothing. Finishes it off. Washes the hands. Drinks full 2 glass off water. Moves out of place singing some bollywood song with a feel of pride and fulfilment on his face.

I kept gazing that guy until he was out my sight. This scene made me go into deep thinking. This is what is “happiness” we all are craving for, i believe. Calmness. No hurry. Feel of pride. Feel of Freedom. Satisfaction – Happiness expressed with a random Bollywood song.

Right at that moment – while I was still looking like an idiot, smiling for no reason, and an image was blurring out at some distance as the guy with the messy hair moved slowly out of my sight – honk! honk! a busy man pressed his car’s horn hastily which brought me back to reality from my day dreaming and sadness took over.

Photo credit : – Internet
Written by : – @rahul singh


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