Kids with the “Tiranga


So, it’s the beautiful twilight hour, my office cab along with the other vehicles is moving slowly through the traffic jams. The radio is playing wonderful patriotic songs, and as I look out of my car window, I observe some kids with the “TIRANGA”

The weather is quite moist and warm outside but the shimmering rays of the sun diminishing in the horizon makes you dive into several thoughts. Those golden rays also fall upon the little kids who are holding thousands of balloons and many tricolors in their tiny hands in order to earn some food for themselves.

This panoramic view of “the kids with the tiranga” under golden rays of sun, took me back in time. To be honest, I have never seen Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev or Rajguru fighting for the country with my own eyes. However, I have an image that runs through my mind on how everything must have been at the point of time when we were not supposed to do anything of our own choice in our own country and how these great leaders and many others fought for almost 90 years to get us freedom. These kids now resemble to that image of younger Bhagat Singh Sukhdev and Rajguru running with the tricolor on their small shoulders. These kids represent the underprivileged but when I see them through those golden lights, I find that even though these kids do not have enough food to feed themselves, no roof for shelter, no education, no entertainment, still they have a Bhagat singh, a Sukhdev or may be a Rajguru inside them. All we need to do is make them realise that yes they are today’s fighters who needs to fight against their poverty, fight for their rights, fight for their education and become a legendary citizen of this country for which many “Bhagat Singhs” have already sacrificed their lives.

While I was still swimming in my philosophical pool, a shrill sound of car break brought me back and I find myself smiling like an idiot again.

Finally, getting out of my philosophical pool I step forward in life and stand with these lil Bhagat Singhs of today. Do you?

: – Rahul

: – image credit : Internet


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